Company’s vision

Visual Conspiracy LTD. Sees its activity as a break-through in the field of clothing and accessories bases on a wide use in different kinds of FSTX and MSTX, while using knowledge and experience acquired by professional people from various disciplines.

Visual Conspiracy LTD. Sees its global activity by establishing selling points of products with the brand DOSTIX in Europe, Japan and U.S.A.

These selling points will pass in a most enjoyable way both the understanding of the use of DOSTIX and also its advantages, in a modern and dynamic era in which we are living, where everything should be convenient, simple and quick to use.

The brand DOSTIX uses as an anchor for a modern new way of life.

About the company

Visual Conspiracy LTD. Was established in 2001 and started its business activity with the brand DOSTIX in the year of 2003. The company has official trademarks in the U.S.A named as “Reg.us.pat&tmoff” and also in the European Union.

In Visual Conspiracy LTD. There are a few departments:

Developing department-

 It deals with the development of products, both by choosing the raw materials and also by the functional use of the completed product. This department is responsible for implementing the idea and fixing a modern clothing code and an ability of using movable objects in a most effective way in regards to the era in which we live. In this department we put much effort in developing the future clothes for people in the 21st century.

Department of well being experience-

Here we are responsible for the experiencing and identifying with the product DOSTIX. This department is made up of people from the world of law, psychology, philosophy and modern thought.

Production department-

It is responsible for preparing the final product, while putting a stress on the quality of the product.